Sessions Vet Clinic


Flea and Tick Prevention: In addition to being annoying, fleas and ticks can pose a risk to your pet if left untreated.  We offer a wide variety of preventative and treatment options.Nutritional Counseling: What your pet eats is an important part of maintaining his or her health.  Whether your pet needs a specific diet due to a medical condition, for weightloss, or aging, we are happy to provide an individualized nutrition plan.

Boarding: We understand that leaving your pet can cause undue stress to both you and your pet.  We offer the benefit of having a trained staff care for your pet.  We have a doggie suite and kitty condos available for extra pampering during your pet's stay.  We will make your pet feel right at home if they are with us for just a day, or over an extended period of time.

Grooming: Good hygene is an important part of your pet's overall health.  We offer a variety of grooming services including, but not limited to, baths, nail trims, hair cuts, and shaving.

Physical Examinations: Routine check-ups assure that your pet is, and will remain living, a healthy life.

Surgery: We offer routine surgeries by appointment, Monday through Friday.

Microchipping: A great way to keep track of your four-legged friend.  This is a painless procedure where a rice-sized identification chip that contains an id number is inserted into your pet.  The id number assures that if your pet is lost or stolen, he or she can be positively identified as yours.

Immunizations: Immunizing your pet protects then from manageable diseases and viruses.  We offer vaccine programs for each of your pets, taking into consideration age, activity level, and environment.  Puppy and kitten packages are provided to help you keep your pet's vaccinations up-to-date.

Please call us to inquire about specific rates and hours these services are offered.